What will we have this Saturday (7-31)

And will any guests be there?  The backyard is kid friendly now.  The best time to show up might be 9:45.  I suggest we go with one of the recipes Lupe added in the Syrup Saturday Constants post (wrong post but who cares).  If I don’t hear from anyone we will have Pork Chop Oatmeal and Applesauce Pancakes.  Sander Syrup (the same as Mollet syrup but with Mapleine) will be served of course.

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2 Responses to What will we have this Saturday (7-31)

  1. Dad Sander says:

    We’d like to be there – is this all that’s necessary to make a reservation?

    • Greg says:

      This is all we need. I’m glad you will be there. I’m not sure about the best time actually. If you tell me when I’ll work around that – otherwise 9:15-9:30 is probably best.

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