About Syrup Saturdays

Syrup Saturdays is the (new) tradition of having a syrupy breakfast every Saturday morning at the home of the Sander family of Coppell, TX.  All local family members are invited to come and eat.  Hopefully, they will call first and they will not stay long after syrup J but …. they can stay as long as they want.  This is a new tradition that I (Greg, as head of the household) hope will last for years to come.  It is my hope that my kids will grow up but come back home on some Saturdays and have syrup with us. 


What follows is a soon to be lengthy list of rules that need to be followed by all those who expect to indulge in a Syrup Saturday.


  1. Rules to be made up as I see fit.
  2. Rules to be applied as I see fit.